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Saturday, October 24, 2009


A FEW WORDS by Debbie Newhook,

I am finally catching up on some of the many emails and I can literally feel by reading the emails the positive energy among our group. From all accounts it sounds as if we all had a successful global protest day. I remain optimistic that our future demonstrations will be just as successful.

Vijay in India, has been busy doing a letter writing campaign and I think this is a great idea. I think we should be writing a good letter to organizations which may be supportive of our cause. We need for the world to hear us and the very least be aware of this crime.

There are many local/regional/ national NGO that we could be writing to and their contact info should be put into a file for future use.

Vijay has done some awesome work, from the comfort of his computer. Thank you Vijay.

Helen [Galina], the organizer of the Toronto protest needs to be recognized as the person who motivated us all to get busy and dowhatever it takes to bring this crime out in the open. Thank you Helen for kick starting us!

Thank you to Nancy for having an awesome Wise TI blog. Nancy is stickler for details and kept the community abreast of the Correct Time and Place of all the street protests. Wise TI blog is well worth reading as Nancy makes regular posts that are very informative. Thanks Nancy, you do a great service to the community!

San Fransisco protest sounded like it was an all round success as well. Twenty supporters all in the same place must have produced great positive energy. way to go San Fran!

1) CANADA: TORONTO, ON by Galina Kurdina,
2) CANADA: VICTORIA, BC by Debbie Newhook
3) ENGLAND: LONDON by Paolo Fiori
4) INDIA: by Vijay
6) USA: PHILADELPHIA, PA by T. Josephine
7) USA: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, by Mesha Monge-Irizarry
8) USA: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, by Bruno M.
9) USA: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, by Christine Harris
10) USA: WASHINGTON, DC, by Marc Burnell
11) August 25th CANADA: TORONTO Protest by Danielle DiBari

1) CANADA: TORONTO, by Galina Kurdina, Organization of Victims of Pychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons

We protested in front of the Legislative Assembly Building and near Medical Science Building of University of Toronto today. We started at 10.30 A.M. There were 5 people in front of the Legislative Assembly: Robin Yan, Regan Hallett, Carlo Calandra, Mark Holden and I, Galina Kurdina. People approached us and we distributed about 10 fliers. One woman came to us and started a scandal. She offered us to hire people, pay them and ask to hold our posters on streets of Toronto. She suggested us not to appear ourselves on the streets. She persuaded us that we had to put some soft information on our posters, not the truth that we experienced and described. When asked, what soft things she would advice to write on our posters, she did not answer. She asked Robin, what was the reason of his targeting. It was clear for all of us that she worked for police, or RCMP or Government. Robin took his camera and wanted to take pictures of her, and she immedieately disappeared.

We left Legislative Building about 1.30 P.M. Robin, Regan and I went to Tim Horton and had some coffee. After that we decided to go to any street and came to Medical Science Building of University of Toronto. Regan left us 30 minutes [later], Robin and I stayed there for one hour. We distributed our fliers very quickly, people approached us, read our poster about mind control and took fliers.

One student of UofT, sweet boy, said to us that, in his opinion, these experiments were disgusting, another person wished us to continue our struggle. We made pictures and video records. I will send them to all of you, as soon as get them.

2) CANADA: VICTORIA, by Debbie Newhook, Stop Organized Stalking Nanaimo,

I feel our Victoria protest was a success. We had 5 people present at the protest: Keith Tickleback from Nelson BC, Consuelo Galomar from Vernon BC, David Smith from Grabriola, Heather Quinn from Victoria BC and me Debbie Newhook. We had one protester from Nanaimo, Doug (Jerry) Rose who could not make the protest as he reported he was feeling horrible the night before the protest and he did not think he would be able to make it.

As soon as we arrived at the protest location we were greeted by a University of Victoria student who wanted an interview with us.

David and I spent 30 mins with her speaking about this crime. We gave her hand out material which included FFCHS material along with a Jim Guest letter of support. In addition we suggest that she research James Walbert and directed her to an article in Wired Magazine about James Walbert. She was genuinely interested and shocked at many of the details about this crime.

During the time David and I were being interviewed, the police arrived. Consuelo spoke to the friendly police officer and was told that the police got 2 telephone calls indicating that we were obstructing the sidewalk traffic. Upon his arrival he saw that we were only a small group and that we were not blocking the sidewalk traffic and asked that we continue to allow the flow of pedestrians and not to interfere with them.

Keith was our camera person and did take still pics only of the event and did capture a picture of the police as he was talking to Consuelo.

Later I was approached by woman who knew she was a target of this crime. She knew much about the goings on of the world and she expressed that she was a whistle blower. David and I could tell that she was genuine and she was fearful.I gave her my contact info. We had many other people briefly speak to us about this crime and did take hand out material.The area of the protest was a very busy location in Victoria and we all thought it was a success.

After about 2.5 hours we had given away about 400 fliers and we were almost out of hand out material when the skies opened up and it began to rain very hard. We called it quits at that time and went back to Heathers house for a chat and a meal.

In my opinion, I thought this was good activism day. David and I later talked about doing this in Nanaimo at a later date and discussed the date of Dec 10 as it was the UN day of Human Rights.

3) ENGLAND: LONDON by Paolo Firori Mind Control Victims Friends - London and MCVictimsFriends London INFORACTION

For all of you on the other side of the Atlantic who would like to know what happened at the Trafalgar Square protest. I received a voice mail from Winston at about 2pm London time, saying that at that point there were 5 people present at the protest, but that they were expecting a few more to attend later. I believe that besides Winston, John Allman and Amanda Palmer were there, as Winston used Amanda's mobile to ring me and John told me of his intention to attend the night before. If people [took] any picture of the event and feel able to share them, I really look forward to seeing them.

[Here's] a short message [Winston] sent me... "There were 8 of us in the end - we handed out flyers in Trafalgar square and outside the Old Bailey. It was good to meet other T.I.s. We are going to try to set up regular meetings of T.I.s in London."

I may try to do something similar in London on the 24th at two very important events happening on the same day, the annual Anarchist Bookfair and a national Anti-War demo starting in Hyde Park, it will be actually very easy to leaflet there because there are already hundred of different people, leafleting on behalf of hundred different causes, I mean I will probably end up going there by myself, but I would certainly not mind if other London TIs were to decide to join me.

4) INDIA by Vijay

October 12-17 I mailed IAACEA's press release to hundreds of media and media reporters all across India. I am just single person doing the mass mailing, I am not a group. (I tried contacting TI in India, but was not able to achieve Internet conneciton. I wish you all the very best for the protest at your location.


We have more than 500 victims daily being tortured and abused by remotely directed energy weapons. But we remain resolute and most of us work diligently to expose this crime on the Internet, and won't stop reporting this heinous to the Chinese government.

In China, as in the rest of the world, the official police position is that Targeted Individuals are mentally ill, so we cannot get permits to do street protests. However, we did promote the global protest via the Internet. We got nearly one hundred Targeted Individuals to publish the IAACEA press release on their own websites, along with the list of protest locations, and to send many letters to public. Here is our online site of supporting signatures: (in Chinese) torture

6) USA: PHILADELPHIA, PA by Tina. Josephine, MindJustice

I got there at 3:30 PM and watched the crowd approaching the busy transportation site. Since it was mostly kids I didn't put out flyers until the work crowd let out. I looked over the people and held up 2 flyers but waited til someone wanted them.

I had some interesting conversations with a few people. One of them was an electrical engineer who said he knew this stuff was possible. He wondered if I was an electrical engineer. I didn't want to say I was a target but a lot of people recognized me as the one walking around with the teeshirts.

The positive reception of the information was there. I stayed 2 hours---it was cold and overcast the whole time. I was freezing and that's the reason I stopped at 2 hours. I forced myself to continue to that deadline and have a cold now but it was worth it.

It was positive and if it wasn't raining continuously since then I would have put out flyers for the next few days. I still have alot of them and will be putting them out at a nearby university. I will pass them out in person so that nly those interested will get them.

I felt very good about the whole thing because people were believing. I think we are on the verge of exposing this. I hope it happens very soon.

As soon as the weather gets good---it's still raining here I will get the rest of the flyers out.

7) USA: SAN FRANCISCO, CA by Mesha Monge-Irizarry, San Francisco Targeted_individuals Empowerment Collective (SF_T.E.C.)

We were a "crowd" of about 20 TIs & Allies with signs brought by Bruno, Richard,a Black Brother who came from Fresno (name?), Christine, the Kats Family, Judy... Who am I forgetting? Among us, a Black Sister who is a college professor in Political Science in Oakland, accompanied by a Latina and a white woman TIs. Also was present a San Franciscan woman, former nurse who blew the whistle on her medical unit at PMC, when she saw several patients with electrodes in their brain, and realized from their encephalograms that something terribly wrong was being done to them... She disconnected everything, and the electronic torture started, did not let up for over a decade. At first the cops, then the sheriffs tried the intimidating routine by demanding to see a permit, but when told: "We are not blocking traffic, we are only exercizing our right to peaceful assembly, this is a peaceful demonstration", they did not know what else to do.

Then when they approached us again, twice, I gave them a big smile, told them I was a City Commissioner and asked: "Are you going to keep us safe, Officers?", which was sufficient to make them instantly go away after exclaiming "Of course!" One sheriff, astoundingly, raised a timid fist and quickly told us GO GET "EM" as he walked away with his colleagues (Refreshing! A TI cop?)

Christine, Richard, the Kats Family, Carole, Judy, John, Yolanda, Carol, Bruno, Marlon, educated onlookers and passed on flyers (forgive this fried brain for omissions... ), and Bruno passed out Buttons. SF Based Tom MCray, TI and political writer, and a homeless person soon joined us. I talked to a colleague,a Veteran for Peace, published poet, who actually wore many political buttons, among them one on Covert Surveillance:

Robert W., who is the acclaimed Honorary chief of the Native Nation, although he is white, due to his incredible activism for Natives and Aborigines and tireless fight to ban School of the Americas and ROTC. He happened to just be waiting for a friend on City Hall steps, and enthusiastically interacted with us. Robert stated: "We are ALL targeted!" I will stay in touch, potential powerful ally for us. I talked about the protest and IAACEA Goals & Objectives as defined in Debbie's press release to Sophie Maxwell, City supervisor of my district, and to a campaign team member of James Keys, District 6 Supervisor candidate. Many participants actively engaged passerby's, including an Asian Gay Youth who now wants to be an ally to our movement. No negative interaction whatsoever! (To the sorry exception of a perplike loser... older white dude in a SUV who sped by, hollering: "Go get a job!" Which made us laugh.... Comic relief of the day) One press interview with Christine who handed out a press package and with myself.

Christine connected with the City Hall Court TV Media Liaison, and participants took many pictures and videos of our event.

Marlon C. from Poor Magazine PPN came to interview participants, stayed with us during the entire event, and will work on his third article on "Targeted Individuals" that he will submit to his editor, the formidable "Tiny" Gray Garcia ! Christine and I will work on an article, recount that we will self publish on Indybay along with a compilation of pictures, under Health isues (Covert Violence IS a Public Health issue!)

People came to join us from : Modesto, Fresno, Marin County, Oakland, Berkeley, local San Franciscans too.

8) USA: SAN FRANCISCO, CA by Bruno Marchisani 10-14-2009

SF Photos by Scott at OneWorldLove- you'll have to join to view Yesterday, Wednesday, October 14, 2009, from 11:00am to 2:00pm, there was a civil protest against OS/EH at city hall in San Francisco, California, one of several being planned on or about that same day in several cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Cincinnati (meeting only), Victoria and Toronto in Canada, London, India (internet mailings) and China (internet mailings), as part of a global day of protest being organized by a newly formed TI activism group called the International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse,

Debbie Newhook and Galina Kurdina in Canada, Soleilmavis in China and Derrick Robinson of FFCHS were some of the planners.

Christine Harris in SF was the contact person for the San Francisco protest, with Mesha Monge-Irizarry being a resource having had experience in protesting.

Mesha is a TI activist Christine recently began networking with who among other things setup and moderated a forum to help organize the global protest. She has an office in San Francisco and apparently moderates 250 internet forums, one of them being the recently created Targeted_Individual s yahoo group. She is considering holding TI meetings at her office in San Francisco.

A possibility of rain was forecast but the weather was clear and mostly sunny. I counted 16 protesters being present, including Christine, Richard in Marin, many other TIs who I've met before, a few I hadn't met yet, Mesha, and Marlon Crump,writer for Poor Magazine who Christine has recently began networking with. Most had arrived within the first half hour of the 11:00am protest start time.

We originally planned to protest at the park across the street from city hall,to be respectful of city hall workers, but a police officer came by and said we needed a permit to protest in a public park, though he said this first time he'd allow it. He also indicated we could protest directly in front of city hall if we liked, so we moved our protest to the sidewalk in front of city hall.

There was a plethora of protest signs of various sizes, colors and styles: "stop group stakling," "stop organized stalking," "stop organized terror," "stop covert torture," "stop electronic harassment," "stop electronic torture," "stop electromagnetic weapons," "stop defamation of character now," "restore human liberties now," "stop residential directed energy attacks now IAACEA," "unforgivable!

MKULTRA should never happen again," and "my family is victim of mind control program illegally run by the US gov agencies.

Torture, mental rape, robbery -- the outcome of the Nazi experiment." Also I brought buttons with the FFCHS logo for us to wear.

The mood was positive if not festive, with us talking amongst ourselves, getting to know each other. Some of us had come from as far away as Modesto and Fresno,and for at least one of us this was our first time meeting with other TIs.

Foot traffic was light, even during the lunch hour, with some passers-by looking to see what our signs said. A few spoke with us to try to understand what we were protesting. Due to the relatively light foot traffic and us not being very aggressive at distributing handouts, we didn't distribute all that many.

Handouts included one of the IAACEA press releases announcing the global protest, a letter from Missouri State Representative Jim Guest acknowledging the existence of OS/EH on many of the constituents in the country, a flyer on the book "A New Breed:

Satellite Terrorism in America" by Dr. John Hall, who has treated patients suffering from the effects of OS/EH, a copy of an article entitled "Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?" regarding former NSA intelligence officer Russ Tice and the NSA's purported mind control technology, and a compilation of excerpts from Cheryl Welsh, FFCHS and H.Michael Sweeney.

Vehicular traffic on the other hand was ongoing, and heavier during the lunch hour. Some of us were lined along the edge of the sidewalk displaying our signs -- several drivers honked their horns and gave us the "thumbs up" in support!

At one point a reporter and cameraperson for an independent San Francisco internet video news group came by and did a brief interview with Christine and Mesha -- everybody felt they did a great job! Later on a CBS van parked across the street to cover a different event and Christine went over and gave them some handouts.

I spoke with several TIs at the protest. Christine says she is doing what she can to network to help end our harassment, a TI from Fresno says he is educating some of the people in Fresno on OS/EH, and another said God's message of love is the most important tool in counteracting our harassment. Marlon wanted everyone to know about his new, second, article on OS/EH, entitled "Targeted Individuals."

In my opinion the protest was certainly successful in terms of turnout -- this has been the largest turnout for any TI event in the San Francisco Bay Area I'm aware of and slightly exceed my expectations! Most of us stayed there until the 2:00pm protest end time, shortly after which we disbanded. I and at least a couple of others who were present took pictures of the event and I will be forwarding mine to Felix, a TI who plans to make a video of the global protests. President Obama was to be visiting San Francisco the following day and Christine along with some of yesterday's protesters planned to be present to gain more exposure.

Nancy is posting the recaps of the protests at http://wiseti. and Mesha is considering doing a compilation on


Thought the protest went well. Weather wasn't the greatest. Kind of nervous with all the cops and undercover cops around. Ate a lot of the chips and drank sodas I bought by a great donation from Cynthia. There were lots of tourists that stopped by and took pictures of the White House and us.

Enjoyed talking to other TIs about their situation. Learning alot from other TIs about how to cope and different remedies to use to uplift myself.. Many of the TIs were form NY. We spoke to a freelance writer who took notes and took our pictures. We spoke with other human rights groups that were nearby. Handed out fliers.

Pictures of the protest:<>

10) CANADA: TORONTO (Oct 15) by Danielle DeBari

CANADA: TORONTO AUGUST 25, 2009 PROTEST REPORT by Danielle DiBari, as provided by Robin Yan

Many of you do not know me, but Galina and Robin do (who ran the protest yesterday at Queen's Park do) and I will save introductions for later for those who are dedicated to working to expose the truth about our cause.

I would like to send you all a little run-down of events yesterday -- I think Galina and Robin will agree, it was an excellent day with superb weather (my nose is totally toasted..LOL~ ) and we were treated with dignity and respect, a generous amount of interest (so much so that we RAN OUT OF letters), and a FEW VERY INTERESTING CONTACTS!All times are approximate.
10:00 AM We were greeted by Security and shown where we could set up. We were asked if we would be "chanting" and we said no. We were asked not to interfere with people on site and that we should let them come to us, we agreed.

We set up across from a woman on a month-long protest of her autistic son being cut off from therapy and put in a regular school.

www.tooautistic. com (HEY! OUR PIC IS THERE!)

11:30 am, A HUGE tour of Italian and Spanish speaking tourists get stuck outside the legislative building for some reason, and (possibly to kill some time) the tour guide relays and translates in both ITALIAN and SPANISH, the story of Covert Mind control as dictated by Galina. The group is sympathetic and interested (until they get to go

Nothing too interesting happens after that for a couple of hours, we get a number of people stopping and asking about our situation -- some stopping for longer than others ... needless to say, we only have ONE letter left when we spot the CBC vehicle in the parking lot!

1:00 pm Media Trucks start arriving -- our hearts are in our throats as we feel as if they may intend to interview us! Acutally, the set up is for speaker Dan McTeague to present his speech on the treatment of Omar Kadhr at Guantanamo Bay!

2:30 Dan McTeague shows up to do his interview. About half an hour of talking on Dan's part -- the issue with Quantanamo Bay is loosely connected to OUR issue ... the underlying facts being that PEOPLE ARE BEING TORTURED WITHOUT MERCY/JUSTICE/ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS!

Unfortunately, he only appeared on the news for about 10 seconds! (Robin, did you VHS it?)

Legislature Watchdogs (while polite) stood guard IN FRONT OF AND AROUND THE CAMERAS so that WE WOULD NOT BE IN ANY SHOTS!

However, Mr. McTeague's assistant came over to talk to us, took our picture and, I believe, strategically placed a camera to include US in the shot!

Once the shoot was over, Mr. McTeague came over and shook all our hands, talked with us for a bit, gave us his card and told us "You sure got THEIR attention" (possibly meaning the media - I mean, is it coincidence that a talk on a HUMAN RIGHTS TORTURE ISSUES by a prominent M.P. is scheduled on the SAME DAY as our protest? I think NOT!

Anyhow, he said we should contact him if we need anything...we already got a very good thing from him, we got a confidence boost like you wouldn't believe!

And so, our first protest day came to a close. Sunburned, but happy, we took a walk to the subway, and went on our way.

I would say it was a VERY successful day, no one was disrespectful to us, we got a good deal of attention, learned a lot about what to do better NEXT TIME -- and ALMOST got on TV ... lol!

Most of all we learned that FEAR is THEIR greatest weapon ... none of what we feared came about.

The perps will keep on doing what they do no matter what we do...being afraid only helps their cause so...we may as well make some noise 'cause they ain't going away by themselves.
Cheers and talk to you all soon.
Danielle DiBari, T.I.