This is to let anyone interested in materials I
have posted that most of my domain names
will begin to shut down, beginning next year,

This is due to rising prices - I can't afford to
keep renewing all the domain names and 
the hosting package (server space) too.

This will happen one at a time - not suddenly.

I plan to keep my main domain active, which

ALL files will continue to be available.  Here
is how to access any of the domains which
lapse, and give a "not found" error message:   ... becomes:  (Mind Control Forum) becomes:
... which is a copy of the last CATCH site,
would NOT change, as that is the current
link.  It is up to Norma Cross as to if and
when she may activate an active updated
site and domain name.  I know of no plans
for that at this time.  ... becomes:  ... becomes:  ... MAY become:
** The choice to close this domain name is
not mine - another target is maintaining it.  If
she chooses to cancel, the above link will 
continue to give access to the show files. ... MAY become:
** This domain name is maintained by Deb
Newhook, and she may decide to keep it
renewed.  This bulletin informs you that IF
she were to decide not to renew, the FILES
on her site could still be accessed as above.

** As each domain name lapses, I will have
to go through various pages and change
the links.  That will take some time, as I'm
slow due to health.  However, if you SAVE
this email, and any future notices, you will
STILL be able to access any files you are
interested in using the links above.

The new links above will work right now - 
even before the domain names lapse.

Eleanor White