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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spot Light on: Organized Crime Waves

Update by Bruno M.

On Saturday, October 24, 2009, at 12:00pm at Berkeley Community Media in Berkeley, California, there was another special taping of Elizabeth Adams' TV show "America Needs to Know" in the large studio. There were 7 TIs present: Elizabeth, Bev S. from Arizona who has hosted TI meetings there, Christine H, 3 other TIs, one of them new to our meetings, and myself.

Two 1-hour episodes were taped, both of them with Elizabeth, Bev, Christine, and one other TI; the remaining 3 of us sat in the rear of the studio and observed while providing moral support.

Between the two tapings pizza was brought in for us.

Elizabeth thought the first episode was the best she's taped yet!

There were a number of topics touched upon during the tapings.

Elizabeth said the purpose of producing the show was to inform the American public about what's going on with everyday people.

Some of us are experiencing sleep deprivation, DEW attacks which are scarring our bodies,
batteries going dead due to electromagnetic exposure, slashed tires, one of us had almost gone blind due to EH, and Elizabeth's infant grandchildren are being harassed with DEWs.

All of this is being used in an effort to tear us down.
The perps are villanizing the victims to get others to participate in our harassment, that's how they get away with it.

References were made to Nick Begich's book, John Hall's book and remote neural monitoring. The NWO does not want thinking and questioning individuals, they just want people who will follow orders, this is a country of, for and by the people, not for the people to serve the government, it will take people and numbers to change things, it's up to all of us to participate.

A protest was recently held in San Francisco as part of a global protest against OS/EH.

Eleanor White's website served to make us feel so wonderful when we realized we weren't alone and had a resource to refer authorities to show them this stuff is indeed happening. Everybody applauded Elizabeth at the end of the tapings!

Other topics were discussed among ourselves off camera.

While away from home one of us has experienced minor theft, clothes being stained, car engine on fire, a hole in the car's radiator which was in a spot not likely to have developed naturally according to a mechanic, and cats being hit with DEWs.

She said she's experienced counterharassment in which perps would accuse her of harassing them; I shared with her I felt MC is being used on both TIs and neighbors to get them to be at odds with one another.

Most notable is she had a PI set up a surveillance system in her home and on one occasion she caught an intruder on tape who resembled a perp in her neighborhood.
She called the police but they accused her of staging it. She has also found covert listening devices that you can buy over the internet in herself-storage bin.

Another of us is a ritual abuse survivor in addition to being a TI. As part of his RA as a child he was placed under water until he would become unconscious.

One of us offered the perspective that there is a certain percentage of the population who will "maintain the system" no matter what so that they'll continue to receive a salary, etc. -- they'll give their lives for it if necessary.

Proper nutrition helps us maintain our strength, and focusing on the positive forces the perps to focus on that too.

Around 5:00pm or so we departed. Appended below is a message from Bev with her feedback on the tapings.

Bruno Marchesani

ORGANIZED CRIME WAVES (OCW) is a public awareness activism group that is working to uncover the source of "experiments... being conducted on U.S. citizens, including infants and children, without their consent or knowledge..."At the helm of Organized Crime Waves is Elizabeth Adams, who is also the founder of the National Care Society.

OCW, is also the home of Jimi Walbert's rigorously researched reports on the bio-effects of remotely directed energy weapons

Please visit:

Organized Crime Waves and National Care Society.

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