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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Word to the Wise T.I. - Moon Monkey Business

(Updated 10/16/09)

According to Scientific America there is no correlation between madness, erratic behavior and the full moon. And yet...
THE PROBLEM: Increased OS&EH (Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment) for some T.I.s centered around the specific phases of the moon. For some, it begins 5-7 days before the moon reaches complete fullness. For others, the torture begins on the day of the full moon. Still others may find that their targetting begins the week leading up to the new (dark) moon.

Moon Phases, November 2009
  • Full Moon – November 2, 19:14
  • Last Quarter – November 9, 15:56
  • New Moon – November 16, 19:14
  • First Quarter – November 24, 21:39
Moon Phases, December 2009
  • Full Moon – December 2, 07:30
  • Last Quarter – December 9, 00:13
  • New Moon – December 16, 12:02
  • First Quarter – December 24, 17:36
  • Full Moon – December 31, 19:13 (blue moon)
  1. The unaware T.I. is more likely to believe he is going crazy and see a psychiatrist for treatment. The psychiatrist then labels him paranoid schizophrenic, forces him to take unnecessary and inappropriate drugs, or institutionalizes him. This is bad enough, but a more nefarious goal is to...
  2. Drive an unsuspecting T.I. to either suicide or murderous rage.
  3. In turn this makes the police more apt to overreact when a nonviolent T.I.s complains about OS & EH, while making the public more willing to accept police violence against T.I.s.

SOLUTIONS: T.I.s (Targeted Individuals) experiencing O.S.can depend on Debbie Newhook's Winning Philosophy and A Word to the Wise T.I. - Meditation for practical and effective tips.

In addition, for those marked for E.H. (Electronic Harassment) it is imperative to shield your head at night. For shielding against Remotely Transmitted Dreams and hypnotic V2K try a 18/10 stainless steel and Rubbermaid rubber suction-cup mat construction.

For more details on what materials to use for this constructions, and other shielding ideas, please visit
FFCHS (Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance,) where you can learn exactly how other T.I.s shield themselves.

Don't forget that shielding and meditation can be used in conjunction with anxiety reducing and stress reduction herbal teas and supplements.

I hope you will be ready when this month's full moon approaches, and that A WORD TO THE WISE T.I. has been sufficient.