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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Word for the Wise T.I. - When Parents and Children are Targeted

T.I.s that have kids may find their children becoming unwitting pawns, or outright targets, of the organized multi-stalking system. There are an infinite number of ways perps (perpetrators pretending to be one’s child’s friend) can make the lives of the unwary child or parent fraught with problems. These are tried and true methods that Targeted Individuals need to look out for.

The first is to turn the child against the parent (the primary Targeted Individual). This is easily accomplished. First, a perp befriends the child and gradually introduces increasingly dangerous ideas or behavior to the child. Such behavior/ideas can include, but are not limited to: engaging in dangerous life threatening stunts, using drugs or alcohol, becoming sexually active or engaging in sexual perversions such as rape or sado-masochism, Satanic animal torture, planning violence in revenge against one’s fellow students or teachers, stealing, listening to or recording the parent's phone calls, breaking into the parent's email account, unauthorized use of parent’s car, tampering with the parent's computer, making unauthorized long distance phone calls, calling phone sex numbers, shoplifting, vandalism, or stealing cars for joyrides.

The perp is always someone persuasive: a very cool dude or gal. The child can't help but want to impress this hip new friend with his own coolness, and to prove it the child will to do things he would never normally do, were it not for the hints and suggestions of the perp. Another way to seduce the child is to convince him that his parent is immoral, a criminal or insane, and convince the child that he needs to spy on the parent, or teach the parent a lesson by committing a series of minor destructions against the parent’s property or job.

The perp certainly will use this friendship in order to gain access to the primary target’s house so that he can learn the home’s layout, making it easier to later to describe or act against. Critical is that the perp use the child as a conduit for information about the parent’s plans. The perp might falsely tell authorities that the parent is engaged in illegal activities: child pornography, drug dealing, etc. And because the perp has had prior access to the house, he will have planted incriminating evidence to support his claims.

Once the child is conned into the first of these unethical or criminal activities, he will find that when he tries to disengage from the perp, the perp will use intimidation and threats to keep the child in line. The child will learn that the perp used a cell phone to video the son's first criminal or unethical act.

If the perp uses the bathroom, he may contaminate the parent's prescription medicine, causing illness or a psychotic episode. Or the perp may a pour skin-irritating chemical on the parent's personal toiletries or make-up, causing the parent an unexplainable illness, so that when that parent sees a doctor, the doctor would suspect that the parent is attention-seeking and willing to harm himself. With that kind of suspicion, the doctor would be duty bound to commit the parent for mental observation.

Or the perp may simply steal or ruin something of the parent's or of the son's, so that parent and child blame each other for what was actually done by the perp. Even in situations where parent and child would normally trust each other, the perp/friend will barrage the child with doubts like, "but you said your mom was paranoid, maybe she did this to mess with your head."

If left alone in the son's kitchen, the perp has an excellent opportunity to contaminate food or drink that the child has inadvertently revealed to only be consumed by the parent. Or, the complete reverse may happen; food only eaten by the child may be contaminated. The goal here is for the food-drugged consumer to "go crazy" so that the police are called in to intervene. In such a situation, the drugged victim (be it parent or son) stands a higher than average risk of being gunned down or over-tasered or committed to a mental institution.

To summarize, often the child is used as the instrument of his parent's financial ruin, mental commitment, or incarceration. Once this is accomplished, the child finds that with the parent out of the way, he becomes the primary Targeted Individual. He realizes that he has been used, but cannot break away from the perping group, for his previous actions have been recorded and/or witnessed by other perps who are all to willing to attest to the son's crimes, without any fear of themselves being persecuted for participating in what the child did.

What Can Be Done?

Since Targeted Individuals are trapped in a well organized covert system in which they are denied judicial relief from multiple stalkers, it is up to that T.I. to be alert for the signs of perp infiltration in their children's lives.

The parent should take an interest in friends the child brings home. Does that new friend show an inordinate amount of interest in family possessions or activities? Does the perp grill the parent or child with a multitude of questions about the parent's beliefs and/or activities? Is the new friend is more interested in getting the child engaged in new and questionable activity rather than engaging in the child’s own hobbies and interests? Does the child feel any discomfit or hesitation that he may be being manipulated into compromising his ethical beliefs, doing things he’d never considered doing before?

If the parent and/or the child answer 'yes' to any of these questions, then the child needs to understand that it is imperative that he not reveal the parent's concerns to the new friend. The family's business should be kept private, and the child needs to understand that anything he says to the new friend could be very well used against the entire family.

Furthermore, the child should end his association with anyone he suspects of being a perp.

The parent might educate the child more about organized stalking and community harassment. And remember: A Word to the Wise T.I. should be sufficient.