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Monday, November 2, 2009

Spot Light On: SF T.E.C.

Photo: "Empathy"

San Francisco Targeted_Individuals Empowerment Collective provides a safe, confidential environment for meetings & support groups, serving, on a free basis, Victims, Survivors & Thrivers, Individuals , Children, Biological and Extended Families targeted by Directed Energy Weapons.

To schedule a first confidential appointment, Please call us on our hotline at (415) 595-8251 or email mesha Monge-Irizarry, SF T.E.C. grassroots organizer at, or

SF T.E.C. also provides technical assistance and Internet support to host commensurate events/ rallies, press releases and demonstrations, and grow broader TIs and Allies coalitions.

We are working on setting up a peer volunteer program and Internship program infrastructure.

We are not seeking grants (to keep our agenda intact and not bow to grantors' distorting requirements), and at this point we are not seeking donations, since mesha provides free office space and internet access.

Photo: SF T.E.C. founder, Mesha, holding photo of police-slain T.I. son, Idriss.

The office has 3 computers, DSL, group meeting space up to 20 participants, a refrigerator, microwave, DVD Player and monitor, a sink, and bathrooom access on the same floor.

SF T.E.C., in case of a dire emergency, can be used as a Safe Haven for up to 24 hours.

SF T.E.C. is part of the core team of local, national and international organizers who worked on the Ban on Electronic Torture Worldwide Rallies and Protests on Oct 14, 2009, the "Global Freedom Activism Collective" (moderated by mesha), and currently planning another global event on International Human Rights Day, Dec 10, 2009

SF T.E.C. recently became a member of International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse

San Francisco T.E.C. based yahoogroup, online forum:

In Unity & Respect