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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spotlight On: Walls of Deception by Bruno M.

Bruno M. of the Yahoo mcactivism forum offers a different viewpoint regarding T.I. harassment.

A lot of deception is used by the perps in making us think the entire world is against us. Along with hard-core stalkers who know what they're doing, I believe mind manipulation technology is being used on our neighbors, friends and family to make us think they're perps, by inducing perp-like mannerisms, steering conversations to use trigger words, and even making us think they're reading our minds. When combined with the stress resulting from our minds being manipulated with this technology to make us look and act crazy, it serves to isolate us from others.

Another use of deception is making us believe perps are crawling around under the house or in the attack, that they have directed energy weapons in their houses, cars or on their person, or that they're dragging around directed energy weapons in the apartment above or below us, "following" us from room to room. They may leave clues, like candy wrappers in the attack; they may quickly close the curtains to make us think they're hiding directed energy weapons; they may be carrying around a gizmo we feel we are being zapped with; there may be suspicious-looking people near our homes to make us think they're tampering with something nearby; they may leave strange powder-like substances or make us discover our computers have been compromised, making us think we're being set-up to be arrested for harboring illegal substances, for having pornography on our computer, etc. This is all being done to run ourselves ragged. (This is just based on my strong hunch from my personal experiences and from listening to T.I.s tell their stories in person and in phone conversations.) Crawlspace and attic noises can be induced, along with suspicion-evoking feelings directing our attention to certain things via synthetic telepathy. Neighbors can be mind manipulated to "follow" us from room to room, to laugh coincident with something we're doing in the privacy of our home, or even to leave their house at the same time we're leaving ours, without their even being aware of it.

Perps are masters of deception, and their goal is to get us to obsess on this stuff. By setting clear goals or limiting the time we spend contemplating this stuff, we can better take back control of our lives.

With a word of thanks to Bruno M., this concludes today's entry and and we hope that A Word to the Wise T.I. is sufficient.