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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nanny Cams and Spy Cameras

One T.I. got a nanny cam and it recorded a perp entering her home. She phoned the police. The officer told her that she had staged the entire thing: camera, phony perp, etc.

Another T.I. had security cameras professionally wired on her house to catch the people who were leaving their cars parked both in, and in front of, her driveway. The perp neighbors got a restraining order issued against her, claiming that she used those cameras to film them on their own property (which was across the street from hers). Furthermore, they presented a large group of homeless men who testified that she had photographed them without their permission, which is illegal in some states. While she had in fact taken photos of some homeless guys perping her, it was not the 20+ men who were paraded to the court during the pretrial hearing. In the end, she was ordered to see a psychologist and undergo psychological testing.

A third T.I. reported that perps continued to enter her house and mess with things, yet her hidden cameras showed no one entering her premises.

Here are some tips that *may* help you catch your pep red-handed:

1) If you plan to get a hidden camera, don't say so on any internet forum. Likewise, don't tell anyone via telephone, verbal conversation, Instant Message, chat or Blackberry message. This precaution might reduce the chance of your perps finding out.

2) If you do buy a hidden camera, make sure it is really hidden, so the perps won't find it.

3) If the nanny/hidden camera has a removable memory drive, then all the perp has to do is come in, delete its memory (that had his image on it) and then leave in such a way as not to be captured by the camera's eye again.

4) If you do capture your perp on film: Never give a cop a verbal-only statement; if he's a perp then when he writes up his incident report he can say anything he wants in his report, to your detriment. Always go to the police station with a friend or family member who supports you. Say you wish to make a WRITTEN complaint, and be very careful what you write. Stick to the specifics of the break in and if they want to take the nanny cam to look at the film, don't give them the original. First make a copy of the film and give them the copy. Keep the original, or the evidence might 'mysteriously' disappear when they have it. If they leave the room with it they might bring it back wiped.

Don't tell them you've got the original and are only giving them a copy, or they might demand that as well. Also, if they ask you,"Why would someone do this to you?" Tell them that you have no idea. No matter how much they press you, never mention Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment or Mind Control. Never answer the question, "who do you think is behind it?" You don't know. For more information on how to interact with police see THIS ENTRY.

5) And finally, never agree to a voluntary commitment to a mental word or hospital.

Here's hoping that A Word to the Wise T.I. is sufficient.