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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Word for the Wise T.I. - The Eyes Have It: Shielding

Photo: Buddha's Eye

The Problem: Targeted individuals' eyes are relentlessly attacked with damaging remotely directed energy weaponry.

The Goal: Eventual blindness, physical and emotional suffering, financial loss, loss of work, loss of mobility, isolation from family, friends and other TIs.

Daytime Attacks: favor oblique side trajectories that first come in contact with the flesh over the orbital bone ridge surrounding the eye so that the beam can skim the eye's surface. Another favorite first contact point is along one's nose. Since oblique trajectories are more difficult to recognize cup a hand or hands over eye, including orbital ridge and nose, until the exact first contact point is determined. A hot spot gives away the first contact point.

Daytime Solution: Once found, shield that point as well as the entire eye with hand. If attack doesn't stop, press hand a down on the first contact point so that the hand better absorbs/blocks the attack. Do not apply pressure directly to eye.

Night Time Attacks: Nighttime attacks favor straight-on trajectories perpendicular to the pupil, although oblique trajectories may be used.

Drape multiple layers of blue-gel therapy hot/cold packs (do not heat or chill) over eyes/face while sleeping. If necessary top with with a natural rubber bathmat (Rubbermaid makes pure rubber mats, other brands us plastics).

Since night attacks can come upwards from under one’s bed, one should sleep with one or more blue-gel packs under one’s head, as well as placing others over one's head.

Nighttime Solution: Flat flexible silicon baking sheets, available in the bakeware section of Target, Walmart, and other stores, as well as blue-gel packs, available at the previously mentioned stores and at pharmacies everywhere, can also serve to protect one’s entire head. One can use clear packing tape (the 3-inch wide variety) to tape together two over-lapping blue-gel packs (make sure they overlap by at least one inch). If these are not overlapped, there will be an unprotected zone where the two packs meet.

Make sure that one’s eyes, the sides, top and back of head are completely enclosed, leaving only the smallest possible opening for breathing. For some people this will be uncomfortable, and make breathing difficult, but all one need do is reach one's hand under the blue-gel pack to keep it from pressing one's nostrils flat, and breathing will be much easier.

Sleeping on one’s side with hands over eyes helps, just try to cover the orbital ridges, as well.

And so, brothers and sisters in adversity, there is no need to give up reading, using computer or watching TV, this problem easily shielded and remember: A WORD TO THE WISE TI should be sufficient.