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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Word to the Wise T.I. - The Case Against Violence

Cartoon: "Person vs. Tank" by Simon Kneebone

The Unwilling Pawn: every day a young woman with child in hand walks a route past your home, job, or favorite lunch place while on her way to the local day-care center. Or, she may be alone: young and single, going to work or school. Now imagine she is told by a "perp" (the perpetrator manipulating your harassment, posing as a neighborhood watch or police official) to be wary of a criminal who "just happens" to fit YOUR exact description. Further, she is informed that the person is a pedophile or rapist, for whom there isn’t enough evidence to bring to trial. Alternatively, she may be told that the person fitting your description is violently, mentally ill. Such an innocent bystander may watch you very keenly whenever she walks by. She may be quite anxious, afraid that you may accost her and/or her son/daughter. She would certainly NOT want to talk to the person who might rape her or her child, or possibly have a psychotic episode involving her in any way. Such fear might cause this woman to overreact and call for help if you decide to her. But from your standpoint, her behavior might cause you to think, "This woman is a perp: deliberately walking past me and staring every day," when in fact she may only be is an innocent bystander being used by the real perps.

The Willing Pawn: conversely, this woman might be a willing perp. (of your harassment) out to incite you to violence and/or embroil you in a criminal complaint. Maybe she was told that you need your come uppance because you made/someone's life miserable. Maybe she was told you were ungodly, immoral, of the wrong sexual orientation, the wrong political position, or that you were a criminal. Maybe she was seduced into the organized stalkers lifestyle of taunting, teasing, bulling and causing social and financial run just for the fun ot it; because she is assured that she won't be caught or prosecuted. This woman may indeed be intentionally walking past you and staring or acting odd.

The Dilemma: So how can you be sure which scenario fits this woman? Is she innocent bystander or perp?

What the Perps Want: Keep in mind that those responsible for harassing TIs (Targeted Individuals) want TIs to act out. They want TIs to rant and accuse, to be unreasonable and/or violent. They really don't care whether an innocent bystander or a low-level (expendable perp) is accosted and harmed by you.

Figuring The Odds: The experience of numerous TIs is that whether the woman is a perp or an innocent bystander, if you react then YOU will be jailed. YOU will get beaten or tasered by the police. YOU will be involuntarily hospitalized, labeled paranoid schizophrenic and forced to take medication at doses far beyond that drug's safety limits.

Your Options: Luckily you do have other options. You can choose join and read messages on a number of forums designed for Targeted Individuals and learn what works best. You can benefit from others' experiences and learn how to recognize and handle perp set-ups in ways that don't adversely affect your health or legal status. You can become an activist.