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Monday, September 1, 2008

A Word for the Wise T.I. - Microwave Targeting and Brain Disfunction

DIAGRAM FROM: Brain Injury

BACKGROUND: In an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, a respected criminal psychologist specializing in serial killers himself becomes a serial killer after an event leaves him with brain damage. Intrigued by this concept led to a quick search on traumatic brain injuries, which became the basis for this blog entry.

A Targeted Individual (TI) experiences brain function disruption due to a yet to be identified Directed Energy Weapon. The effects of this Electromagnetic Harassment are analogous to symptoms of patients with traumatic brain injuries. The number and nature of the effect depends on the part of brain that is targeted. By looking at the below list the wise TI can clarify and identify which effects are being experienced and take appropriate action to shield his or her head.

Target - Frontal Lobe: Forehead:
Inability to plan a sequence of complex movements needed to complete multi-stepped tasks, such as making coffee (Sequencing).
• Loss of spontaneity in interacting with others.
• Loss of flexibility in thinking.
• Persistence of a single thought (Perseveration).
• Inability to focus on task (Attending).
• Mood changes (Emotionally Labile).
• Changes in social behavior.
• Changes in personality.
• Difficulty with problem solving.
• Inability to express language (Broca's Aphasia).
• Loss of simple movement of various body parts (Paralysis).

Target - Parietal Lobe: near the back & top of the head:
Inability to attend to more than one object at a time.
• Inability to name an object (Anomia).
• Inability to locate the words for writing (Agraphia).
• Problems with reading (Alexia).
• Difficulty with drawing objects.
• Difficulty in distinguishing left from right.
• Difficulty with doing mathematics (Dyscalculia).
• Lack of awareness of certain body parts and/or surrounding space that leads to difficulties in self-care (Apraxia).
• Inability to focus visual attention.
• Difficulties with eye and hand coordination.

Target - Occipital Lobes: most posterior, at the back of the head:
Defects in vision (Visual Field Cuts).
• Difficulty with locating objects in environment.
• Difficulty with identifying colors (Color Agnosia).
• Production of hallucinations.
• Visual illusions - inaccurately seeing objects.
• Word blindness - inability to recognize words.
• Difficulty in recognizing drawn objects.
• Inability to recognize the movement of object (Movement Agnosia).
• Difficulties with reading and writing.

Target - Temporal Lobes: side of head above ears:
Difficulty in recognizing faces (Prosopagnosia).
• Difficulty in understanding spoken words (Wernicke's Aphasia).
• Disturbance with selective attention to what we see and hear.
• Difficulty with identification of, and verbalization about objects.
• Short term memory loss.
• Interference with long term memory.
• Increased and decreased interest in sexual behavior.
• Inability to categorize objects (Categorization).
• Right lobe damage can cause persistent talking.
• Increased aggressive behavior.

Target - Brain Stem: deep within the brain:
Decreased vital capacity in breathing, important for speech.
• Difficulty swallowing food and water (Dysphagia).
• Difficulty with organization/perception of the environment.
• Problems with balance and movement.
• Dizziness and nausea (Vertigo).
• Sleeping difficulties (Insomnia, sleep apnea).

Target - Cerebellum: base of the skull:
Loss of ability to coordinate fine movements.
• Loss of ability to walk.
• Inability to reach out and grab objects.
• Tremors.
• Dizziness (Vertigo).

• Slurred speech (Scanning Speech)
Inability to make rapid movements.

Adapted from the following sites:

Brain Injury Symptoms
Neuro Skills

Special thanks to Julianne M. for her suggestions and advise.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 UPDATE: Thanks to long time activist, Eleanor White, for refering me to Jimi Walbert's rigorously researched article that supports this. Walbert's article can be found at STOP CRIME WAVES.

And, may A Word To A Wise T.I. be sufficient