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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Word for the Wise T.I. - Dastardly Double Digit Dilemma

THE PROBLEM: Many TIs express fear and apprehension about being manipulated to look at the clock whenever the time shows double digits. They fear they are being mind-controlled. How is it, they wonder, that they can be forced to look at a clock every morning just at 2:20, 3:03, or 4:14? Why is it being done? And finally, what can they do about the...Dastardly Double Digit Dilemma.

The Wise TI will understand that this is NOT mind control, but merely sensory stimulation and electronic targeting.

THE PURPOSE is to drive TIs to distraction. To make them obsess about the time. To make them fear they are going insane. To make them reveal their situation to non-TIs.

THE GOAL is loss of credibility, institutionalization and court mandated psychotropic medication, loss of livelihood, financial loss, and finally suicide.

HOW IT WORKS is very simple when one understands both the technology and protocol applied.

Anyone rudely awakened in the middle of the night might glance at their clock to see how much time they have left to sleep. This tendency is reinforced by either noise harassment (timed noise pollution by neighbors making loud noises, or a caravan of un-muffled cars driving past, or neighborhood dogs becoming suddenly aware of the presence of a strategically introduced bitch in heat, or startling neighborhood dogs with a loud Voice to Skull (V2K) transmission.

Another way to awaken Targeted Individuals is to target their bladders with remote electronic weaponry. Thus stimulated, the awakened TI, assumes a bathroom visit is in order. A glance at the clock ensures that the prevalence of double digits will be noticed.

Now if the noise or EH campaign begins at 2:20 AM, there is a 10-minute window in which to awaken the TI: 2:20 am, 2:21 AM, 2:22 AM, 2:23 AM, 2:24 AM… and so on until 2:29 AM; all with the double digit '2'.

Once the TI is sensitized to judiciously timed EH-stimulation or noise harassment throughout the course of the evening - a time when people become more sedentary - the possibility of TI clock watching increases dramatically.
So, just get on with your life and let  A Word to the Wise T.I. be sufficient.