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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Word to the Wise T.I. - Cooldanna for Head & Neck

The Problem:

Targets' necks are targeted on the side (at the aorta).

Neck aches occur when undetected, long-duration, low-intensity EH directed to back of neck.

Choking occurs when EH targets front of neck.

Dizziness and confusion results when the base of head undergoes undetected, long-duration, low-intensity EH.

Shielding Solutions:

1A) wear a COOLDANNA or THERAPRO bandanna, cap insert, scarf-hart or brimmed hat. These are filled with water-retaining crystals. If you are being continually targeted then you may have to re-wet half way through the day. Depending on item and store, costs between $3-$20 (cap inserts, scarves, bandannas are cheapest). 

1B) wear a COLDANNA or THERAPRO bandanna along with a COOLDANNA Cooling Hard Hat Pad & Neck Shade. The bandanna will protect front and sides of neck. The hard hat pad with neck shade will protect the top/back of head and back of neck.

2) wear wet regular cotton bandannas tied around your neck and on your head - you will have to re-wet frequently throughout the day as the EH quickly heats and drys bandanna.