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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Word to the Wise T.I. - Shielding Teeth

Right click on the above diagram to enlarge it in another browser tab so that you can switch between tabs to identify the bones to which I refer. If that doesn't produce the enlargement, then right click diagram.

Also use the palm of hand, which is thicker, fleshier, than the fingers.

To protect upper teeth use palm of hand to 1) From top to Down - cover entire upper jaw, including lower ocular (eye) bone ridge downwards to cover the mallar and maxilar bones as well as roots of teeth, while at the same time covering 2) from jaw hinge to nasal concha bone (nose ridge). If the very front upper teeth still hurt, use palm of other hand (or shift original hand) to cover the nasal spine, aveolar process and front teeth.

To protect lower teeth use palm of hand to 1) cover mandible (lower jaw) from the hinge/joint towards the front teeth, making sure to cover the entire jaw line, including teeth roots. If the very front lower teeth still hurt, shift hand (or use other hand) to cover the the mental tuberosity, mental protuberance and roots of front teeth.

To effectively protect teeth use silicon baking sheets.

Lower Teeth: I wear a T-shirt to bed, and place a baking sheet underneath the T-shirt lengthwise along my thorax/chest. Then I pull the upper edge up through the neck opening of my T-shirt, until the baking sheet extends upwards far enough to cover the entire bottom half of my face (with its upper edge stopping just below my nostril openings). The pressure of the T-Shirt against the baking sheet keeps it held against my face.

Upper Teeth: To protect my upper teeth, I lay another silicon baking sheet crosswise over the upper portion of my face face, so that the sheet covers everything else on the front and sides of my face: eyes, temples, cheekbones, jaw hinge, nose, leaving only the nostrils exposed.

Here's hoping that A Word to the Wise T.I. is sufficient.