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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weapons Effects: Hynosis & Head Targeting

According to Science News Magazine, "Most recently, hypnosis has advanced from stage and clinic into the laboratory. It is now used as a research tool to temporarily create hallucinations, compulsions, delusions and certain types of seizures in the lab so that these phenomena can be investigated in detail."

The above image clearly shows that the yellow area becomes most active when a person is being hypnotized. (
If that link doesn't work, paste the following url into your browser window and hit your enter key.

What does this mean for the Targeted Individual? That may depend on whether or not your hypnosis-activated area is targeted by Electronic Harassment. How might you tell if it is?

One way is to ask yourself if you are prone to newly acquired, irrational attitudes or behavior. Are you suddenly eating the one food you swore you'd never eat again? Are you listening to listening sports radio, which you've always hated, instead of classical music? Have you ever, without a forethought or intention, attempted suicide?

Is the hypnosis-activated area prone to feeling warmer than the rest of your head? T.I.s frequently report finding warm spots on their heads. If you're not sure if you do, use your fingertips to feel that area. If your fingertip sensitivity has is reduced for whatever reason, then use the base of your palm (the thickest part of your hand) and see if you can detect warmth over the hypnosis-activated area. Testing should be done frequently,and especially right before you go to bed, and while you are in bed. If this area is targeted, and is accompanied by repetitive rhythmic V2K or Sound-to-Skull, then you may be being prepared for hypnotic commands while you sleep.

To counteract possible attempts to plant hypnotic suggestions while you sleep, you'll need to simultaneously play multiple radio talk shows while you sleep: 6 radios, each tuned to a different channel. Play these radios all night. Not so loud as to invite complaints from the neighbors, but loud enough that you can't focus on what any one channel says. The resulting chaos will help you not to 'hear' V2K hypnotic commands.

Another thing you should do is to protect that part of your head when it is being heated: use your hands and arms to cover that part of the head while you sit or sleep.

You can further shield your head with a construction made from various shielding materials like silicon baking sheets, stainless steel or copper and Rubbermaid rubber bath mats.

For more Shielding Tips from the T.I. Community go to:

Good luck! And may a Word to the Wise T.I. be sufficient.