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Monday, November 30, 2009

Rest in Peace: Remember These T.I.s in Your Prayers

On December 10th please light a candle in rememberance for Targeted Individuals murdered, either directly or indirectly, by organized stalking and electronic harassment.

01) "In Memory: Ananda Zaren 1946-2008 at Homeopathy Today "Ananda Zaren, a truly beloved TI, has passed away after the horrible "accident" this past weekend. Seems her car went off a cliff to the train tracks below as she was driving home from work. For more about Ananda's life read memorial message at OtherHealth.

And I have reason to believe this was definitely an orchestrated attack! Ananda will be greatly missed by this community. For more information, please visit:" (source: FFCHS newsletter 09/26/08)

02) Ann S.: MK (source: Victims)

03) Carole Sterling (OS/EH,+SU-1997) "committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim." (source:

04) Cary Clark Adcox, (OS/EH, age 45. Suicide -June 25, 2001 Arkansas, USA) "a technician, is prevented from finding employment by, he suspects, government agents working behind the scenes. He feels that he has brain implants due to the close interfacing of himself with the very minds of agents, and to xray results. Besides physically torturing him and modifying his thoughts, the controllers seem to be interested in going through his engineering knowledge. Cary has been aware of the controllers for five years. Moving to Europe did not help. [According to] The Sentinel Record Hot Springs, AK: 06/25/01- A body found on top of West Mountain Monday evening is being investigated as an apparent suicide, according to reports. The body of Cary Adcox, 45, who lists an address of 438 Prospect Ave., was found sometime between 5 and 5:30 p.m. near the end of a gravel road leading to communication towers along the ridge of West Mountain, off West Grand Avenue, an FBI spokesman said. Adcox died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, the spokesman said. No foul play is suspected in the incident at this time. The incident is being investigated jointly by the FBI and the National Park Service because of the location on federal property where the body was found. (source: PHOTO FROM:

05) Christine Magiotti, November 3, 2009 Christine was a member of the FFCHS Crisis Intervention Committee. "I am very sorry to inform the group that TI Christine M. in Livermore, California... passed away on November 3, 2009, after a battle with cancer. Christine attended our first TI meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area a couple of years ago and was a semi-regular on the conference calls. She will be remembered as a kind-hearted individual who had a very positive and caring effect on everyone she interacted with. She will definitely be missed." (sources: and

06) Clare Wehrle (OS/EH, +Jan. 6, 2006) "described as a local transient, was crossing 34th Street North just south of Dartmouth Avenue North on January 6, 2006 at 7:40pm when she was struck by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix, traveling southbound and driven by Edward Raymond Peters, of St. Petersburg. A minivan had been in front of Peters and it swerved to avoid Wehrle as she crossed against traffic. The minivan blocked Peters view of Wehrle in the roadway as she continued walking from the center lane to the median lane and was struck by the Pontiac.This pedestrian/fatality traffic crash was investigated by a Traffic Homicide Investigator (not to be confused with a homicide investigator). There are no charges pending in the traffic crash. Most victims believed that because torturers using mind control and Directed Energy Weapons to cause her death in a car accident." (source: name listed at Eleanor White's memorial page and quote from solmavis' peacepink memorial page) PHOTO FROM

07) Diane (OS/EH October 31, 1975) "[My mother,] Diane... was was independent & always a head of her times. Unfortunately, she was also a targeted individual before the name was coined, before the internet & at a time when women's rights were worse then they are today. She was used in government sponsored mind control experimentation, electronically abused & gang stalked. She suffered incredibly for 11 years before they murdered her... at the age of 41. There will never be justice for her in this world but I know that a spirit as beautiful as hers will always shine on. - Renee, her daughter"

08) David F. Wood (OS/EH, +Suicide -Oct. 14, 1999)

09) Darin Smith (OS/EH, +SU-Aug. 31, 2006 "(From Jennifer M: I received a strange and sad phone call tonight. A woman was going through her boyfriend's cell phone to find out who he had been in contact with prior to his suicide. It was a TI who had contacted me in June about targetting. He described what was happening to him first in an email to me. His name was Darin Smith, a member of the Coast Guard. We talked on the phone for about an hour. He was very supportive to me and seemed to be knowledgeable about the technology. He knew what they were doing to him, but he didn't understand why or how they did it, like most of us. He shot himself in the head, while driving, on Aug. 31st. 2006. To any of you who knew him, I am very sorry. His girlfriend, Tiffany, was asking me about this group. I'm still freaking out. He seemed so strong, when I last spoke to him in June. We have to stay tough guys. I'm having a hard time processing this, but I know that this is a supportive group. Please add Darin's name to any memorial group or list we have and let me know if you need more information on the case." (source: quote from quote from solmavis' peacepink memorial page)

10) Darrim Daoud aka Winston Smith (died November 15, 2009) Crawley man found dead by train track named. He was Darrim Daoud, aged 34.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said: "BTP officers were called to attend the railway line at Balcombe tunnel, near to Parish Lane, Crawley, on Sunday 15 November after receiving reports of a body near the line.

"The incident was reported to police at 2.04pm and was attended by BTP, Sussex Police and paramedics from the local ambulance service.

"Upon attendance officers discovered the body of a man, who appeared to have suffered injuries consistent with being struck by a train.

"I can confirm that the man who died is Darrim Daoud, 34, of Crawley.

"The incident is being treated as non-suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner."
"I have some bad news about a UK TI. I am not sure if you remember a guy writing on the Forum called Winston Smith. Winston was actually called Darrim Daoud. John and I went to see him recently as he wanted to organise the UK Global Protest himself. What we saw was a lovely young man, who was an incredibly organised activist he had a wonderful personality, very down to earth and he did not have a paranoid or suspicious bone in his body. Darrim was in his early thirties of mixed race, English and Iranian, he was angry at being harassed but kept it in perspective, and of course asked the same questions as we do which is "why him?" so he was EH as well as organised stalked, he had what I had, no voices, and the locality of people decided to harass him as in car and property damage. All of course upsetting. This of course put him into the English psychiatric system. He tried to tell his family what was happening and of course it was all denied and that he was imagining it. On the 14th of October we had a successful protest and he was due to join us at Speakers Corner the following Sunday on the 18th. Apparently he was threatened by his perps on his journey back home. Now they must have frightened him as he did a no show and we were concerned for him. so in between we had a few emails until we heard the following from another TI. His Facebook account started to have "obituary" comments left on it. So from the 16th of November it was clear that he had died. To confirm we rang around and eventually got his dad. He will not tell us how he died and we are waiting to hear from his friends who might tell us more. I am gutted that he is dead. John is as well. A totally honest individual, who was determined to "expose" this stuff and he had some great ideas to to do this. An activist already against the Aufghanistan and Iranian wars. So this might well have been why he was a target. Anyway cannot tell you anymore until we do have more information, but John and I might be able to see his dad to give our understanding of what his son was going through. I am dreading to hear what the perps might have done to him accounting for the reason as to why he died. When we met and emailed he seemed upbeat considering and was not at all suicidal. So what happened? Many of his facebook peers are asking the same thing. If I know any more we will let you know of course. Darrim did a really good questionaire recently which was the best one so far. - Amanda (U.K. TI) (source: message on MCVictimsEU message board, titled "Winston Smith aka Darrim Daoud" dated November 30, 2009)

11) Delores Hejazi (OS/EH +Died Throat Cancer, August 7, 1994) (source of date of death: [In 6-28-91 the Cleveland Plains Dealer newspaper reported that Delores Hejazi stabbed her daughters, killing one, and was institutionalized for life. Ms. Hejazi's problems began after she] "wrote a letter of complaint to the IRS... She was systematically discredited and became suicidal and eventually refused treatment for her throat cancer. She died recently and was unable to get an investigation of her claim as reported in the 6-28-91 Cleveland Plains Dealer "newspaper "of being repeatedly attacked and tortured by government agencies, beam weaponry and laser technology." (source:

12) Eeva Valve, Dr. Rauni Kilde's mother (OS/EH, +2003) "At her deathbed I promised her I will try to do everything possible to expose this torture of innocent people." (source: [Eeva Valve is survived by T.I. Dr. Rauni Kilde, retired Finish Chief Medical Officer of Lapland. Rauni has degrees in three medical specialities and was acting director of the environmental health and Health Education of Finland and in that capacity replaced chief medical officer of Finland shortly at the National Board of Health of Finland. She represented government of Finland at WHO in tropical medicine and is a former member of the New York Academy of Sciences and is included in American biographies of Whos who in Medicine, Healthcare, Science and Engineering. (source:

13) Dr. Eldon A. Byrd (OS/EH, +Cancer. Dec 30, 2002) Dr. Byrd endorsed Mind and was "in charge of the US Marine Corps Electromagnetic Non-lethal Weapons Development Project in the early 1980's, wherein it was shown that it was possible to alter the behavior of animals with magnetic fields, and entrain human brain waves remotely." (source: PHOTO SOURCE: "He was going to try to listen to voices that are projected into a persons head by the government. He has picked up voices in several people and has spent many hours working on this project with Fred. He still has many pages of paperwork that he was supposed to send to Cheryl [Welsch]." (source:

14) Erika Cummings (OS/EH, +Suicide Jan 28, 1999) (source:

15) Gail Whittaker (OS/EH, + August 21, 1953 - September 19, 2005) (source:

16) Idriss Stelley, OD/EH + killed June 13, 2001) Idriss "E" Stelley, 23, African American 4.0 average student at Healds College, was gunned down, 48 bullets, by SFPD at the Sony Metreon Complex on 6-13-01, while he sat alone in an emptied movie theater, during a "psychiatric intervention". By the time Idriss died, he was extremely ill due to electronic torture, bloated, blotchy skin, and frightened. Patrick Buffington, Dean of students at Healds, called him "the Shaman" due to Idriss' ability to counsel distressed students. Idriss also volunteered at SF Glide Memorial Soup Kitchen, on SFGH AIDS Ward 5A, taught airbrush to kids at risk, and mentored SF City College students in Spanish, French abd Advanced Maths. The only child of Mesha Monge-Irizarry is sorely missed by his Mom and his community, and herself a TI, mesha continues to provide confidential, free support services at SF T.E.C office, San Francisco TIs Empowering Collective at 2940 16th St, #209, SF CA 94103. Bilingual Spanish hotline: 415-595-8251. In loving memory of her child and to help Healing the Living.

17) Johan Heller (OS/EH +HA 2008) -- "A Swedish Mind Control Victim died from a heart attack (we believed that was an artificial heart attack). This bad news was firstly brought to us by Sherry Bell a Ti, one his good friends in USA. and forwarded to us by Monika Stoces. Our friend Johan Heller (Sweden) had passed away last week. He died from a heart attack while he was in the Philippines. Probably this was a result of the abuse of remote technology on his body and mind for several years. He got targeted consciously with electromagnetic weapons in 1999. In 1999 he lost his children and wife as a result of this, nobody believed him this was happening He lost his work being a computer programmer. And he accepted forced antipsychotic medication that strongly damaged his health. This disbelieves and ignorance of what was happening to him, also from his second wife in the Philippines since last year, made him suffer deeply, in fact the disbelieve was the most painfull part of it, as it is to many others. This story once more should tell us all that there is nothing more important than what is happening to us and to thousands of us worldwide. I realize that we have only one life, and that ignoring reality and acting as if nothing happens, it impossible and totally wrong. Our reputation is totally unimportant in comparison with this crime, we must break the silence and face reality, ignoring these historical crimes, is as wrong as denying the existence of the concentration camps back in World War 2 ." (source: solmavis' peacepink)

18) Karen Kearny (OS/EH, RA, +Suicide-1995, California) (source:

19) Kaye Barnes (OS/EH heart attack June 29, 2009). "This past week I received a call from the sister of a TI in Vermont stating that she had passed away. Only a few of you knew Kaye. She didn't attend the conference calls, but she was a steady source of support mentally and financially to FFCHS. She will be missed especially by the lone TI still in Vermont. We hope to find others here in the area soon." FFCHS July 11, 2009 newsletter "

20) Kui Griffin (OS/EH, +Suicide-Nov 2002) "Kui was born May 19, 1952 in Oceanside, California. Having a father in the Marine Corps, Kui and her family travled across the nation until settling in Hawaii in 1958. She was a beautiful and kind person, even when she was angry, Kui was kind. She came to have a relationship with Christianity in her early adult life and her beliefs grew stronger each day, even up to her death. Three weeks before her suicide on November 22, 2002, Kui wrote an e-mail message to her sister, saying "God wants us to have lots of joy in our lives and to cry a little". She ended the note with "Lately, I have been crying a lot". Kui developed a headache shortly after midnight on the fatal day. She informed her husband of the headache. Only Kui, her husband, and God knows what transpired between the time she got out of bed to "deal with the headache" and 5:00 a.m. when her husband found her hanging in the garage. Kui was convincedthat the headaches and other unusual somatic sensations were a result of technology the perpetrators were using against her. Her husband grew frustrated and angry with her complaints, even blaming Kui's sister for "the way she is". He did little, if anything to help Kui, other than having an extramarital affair, which complicated my dear sister's fragile mind. Now Kui is at peace. No further attacks by the perps. No more painful memories. Only peace with her father, who was an MK-Ultra Victim, and who's birthday was on November 22, [the date of] Kui's passing. (source:

21) Mark Fish (+2004, OS/EH) (source:

22) Merilee Deller (OS/EH, +Heart Attack-Oct 11, 2004) (source:

23) Micki Englum (OS/EH, +Cancer-2001, Illinois) (source:

24) Mildred R. Cooper (OS/EH,+Sep 14, 2006) (source:

25) Nadine Elaine Mitchell, Austin, Texas, USA (OS/EH +Breast Cancer, May 16, 1968 - August 5, 2006) "Although she lived and worked in Austin, she continued to serve faithfully at Gildon Creek Third Baptist Church until her health failed. Nadine served as an usher, fellowshipped with the women’s mission circle, and wrote many tributes and meditations for special church services."
(source King-Tears Memorial

26) Nick Jones (born April 10, 1977. Died January 9, 1998) "As far as I can tell, Nick had been a target since birth. His birth was difficult and I hallucinated, being told by some strange people that "my son would be sacrificed." He had many close calls throughout his childhood. Labelled as "gifted," life for him became more and more difficult as he got older. When in his late teens, the similarities between what was happening to him and what was happening to me was too strange to be a coincidence. I believe that he began to do research and discovered what I now know. When he realized that he was a target and that the power behind the assault was too great, he lost all hope. He committed suicide January 9th 1998, age 20." - his mother, Vicky Jones. (source: message to ) Vicky Jones is the Canadian author who wrote "Useless eaters: puppets of the New World Order", which is available at
First Choice Books .

27) Paul Schaefer (OS/EH, +Cancer, June 1999) (source:

28) Rena, a blind T.I., San Jose, CA, USA (OS/EH +SU Sep 28, 2008) "It is with great regret that I inform my fellow TIs that a fellow TI has committed suicide. Her name was Rena, and she had a brief blog that she kept at the following address: and http://multistalkin Over the last couple of months, she and I had become friends. She had stayed over at my place a couple of times, and we shared our stories. She had also been a victim of the electronics, as many of you are. I had hoped to perhaps engage in a relationship with her, and now she is dead. Rena was a very sweet lady about my age, who also happened to be legally blind. What these bastard pig shit sewer scum gangstalkers do is evil. I am just sick right now, and I can't say anything more. - Dave" (source: solmavis' pinkpeace memorial page)

29) Rita Hutchinson Taylor (OS/EH, +Suicide-1984) (source:

30) Ronald Roose (OS/EH, +Suicide July 2002) (source:

31) Ruth Anne Goodman 1968-2003, died age 34. (OS/EH, May 9, 2003) Long Beach, California. (source:

32) Travis Johnson (OS/EH, +SU-May 2006) (source:

33) Valerie Wolf, therapist, (died from Cancer, Feb. 6, 2002). Valerie was a practicing therapist who helped bring to light the plight of MKUltra victims. She gave testimony, in person, at the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments on mind control and radiation experimentation done to children and conducted by the U.S. government. Later, she seemed to be set up, with the false claim that she accepted gifts from a patiient, and lost her license to practicet. (source: - Cached ) PHOTO FROM

  • Ally, Julia's cat: tortured unto death as a Satanic sacrifice +OS/EH (source: Victims)
  • Angel, on June 17, 1997 this Russian American Australian Shepherd, beloved dog of Ed Light, died after long time suffering from EH. (source:
  • Annie, Eleanor White's pet squirrel, tortured unto death: +OS/EH (source: Victims)
  • Baby, Bill MacIntosh's dog, blinded while Bill was in hospital then put down (+DC)
  • Baby bird, flipped from nest, smashed to concrete, using perp remote manipulation equipment, in front of Eleanor: +OS/EH (source: Victims)
  • Black kittens, throats cut, who were thrown on to Sueann Campbell's driveway: +Mu (source: Victims)
  • Lily, beloved dog of Ananda Zaren, died with his owner when her car went off a steep cliffed Highway 101, California on September 20, 2008.
  • Rainy, Margo Tilton's cat (+OS/EH, Oklahoma, March 2, 2005)
  • Storm, Jim Graf's dog, stabbed in his back (+Mu) yard the day Jim became targetted
  • Sunrise, Janet Leih's cat, killed during unsupervised a tradesman visit.
  • Ta-Shi, Janet Leih's dog, poisoned