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Friday, April 16, 2010

In The News: Stalker Sentenced!

Was Christine Arrosco a lone stalker or an integral player in an organized stalking protocol? We don't know because she refused to tell the court why she embarked on her reign of terror against the victim.
"I know of at least one other stalker who, like this lady, did a bunch of things which group stalkers do. He, too, was totally silent on WHY he did those deeds.
I suspect that some of these may well be group stalkers, but know their life isn't worth a penny if they say anything at all about a group of stalkers.
In order to make use of a video like that, we would need to describe it as JUST LIKE what we experience.
We must not claim she IS a group stalker, because there is no evidence of that in the video..." - Eleanor White
Thank you, Eleanor, for your insightful analysis. Here's hoping that A Word to the Wise T.I. is sufficient.